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Untangling the Web

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have an attractive, functional website that will show your customers what you have to offer, where you are located, and how they can talk to you.

We can help you get a great, affordable website that will bring you more sales and increase your bottom line. Our website solutions are affordable for even the smallest of businesses. Whatever it takes, we want to help you get your business on to the internet – because that’s where your customers are.




The first step is a free cosultation to evaluate your current web presence and needs moving forward.  Our site consultant will then make a recommendation as to what level of site you need and what features you will want to utilize to maximize the performance of your new site.  This  stage will determine pricing and a timeline for your site.



Once you have decided on the path for your new site, your site consultant will provide you with a detailed quote outlining a total cost, item breakdown and timeline for the completion of your site.  Our pricing is very straight forward and we want to make sure there are no surprises for you as we build your new website.




Your site consultant will now provide you with a list of materials we will need to complete your site.  This may include things like logo files, photographs, documents, videos, and copy for the pages of your site.  Your site consultant will work with you to collect these materials and answer any questions you have with this process.




Depending on the path you have selected, this stage can take dramatically different courses.  The essence of this stage is to complete the general design of the website.  You may be selecting from our bank of design layouts, or you may be answering questions about style and function so that we can build you a custom design.  



During the production stage, our experts will evaluate all of your collected materials and appropriatly arrange the content to meet your goals for your new site.  We will then build out the pages of your site in our system so your website is ready to go.  Your input and review will be required in this stage to make sure all of the content is correct and as you want it.



Your site consultant will now train you on the basics of your site maintenance tools.  You will be directed on how to request changes and updates as well as how to review site statistics, billing information, form submittals, etc.  Advanced users who are interested can recieve more in-depth training on how to make updates to the site's content.

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